Mt4 api dot net

Mt4 api dot net

Metatrader 4 api - functionality expansion, platform integration and customization. Metatrader 4 api (application program interface) allow to build new functions into the platform, integrate it with other solutions and customize it for a variety of unique tasks.

Api simply emulates mt45 terminal and works with server by tcp. Mt5 api developed on c and we provide easy to use dotnet wrapper.

  mt4 api is designed to control metaquotes metatrader 4 terminal from another applications with using dotnet. Main features - its possible to control one mt4 terminal from several. - mt4 api allows to control mt4 terminal remotely via tcpip. - its possible to control several mt4 terminals simultaneously from one application.

  i have to develop same in dot net, not all get host name and port saw many more site i didnt get no information about that.

  in sample used following account that you can open in any mt4 terminal user 67611 pass wx1yhpn server demo.

Net api for working with famous trading platfrom metatrader(metaquotes). Mtapi executes mql commands and functions by mtapis expert linked to chart of metatrader.

With tripeak, you can choose between tp trader our advanced in-house developed trading platform and metatrader 45, the most popular third-party trading platform in.

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Mt4 api dot net

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