Moultrie battery tray

Moultrie battery tray

Replace your broken or corroded battery tray without having to replace your moultrie trail camera or cellular field modem. This 12-volt battery tray holds 8aa batteries and works for all moultrie cellular field modems and all trail cameras from 2014, 2015 and the 2016 m-series.

This 12-volt battery tray holds 8aa batteries and works for moultrie a-series trail cameras (2016-2018) and moultrie m-series trail cameras (2017-2018).

Moultrie replacement battery trays genuine moultrie trail security camera product. Your battery tray corroded from leaving batteries in too long? Theres no need to replace your moultrie game camera if corroded batteries have compromised your battery tray, or if it happens to break.

Replacement battery tray a-series (16-18) & m-series (17-18) 9. For energy-conscious outdoorsmen, we offer eco-friendly power options that will prolong the battery life of your moultrie camera. Why choose moultrie? For nearly two decades, moultrie has been providing hunters and nature enthusiasts with cutting edge gear and game cam.

  battery tray 14 20 mount moultrie products, llc mcg-12632 moultrie products, llc mcg-12633. Page 2 m-880 series digital game camera m-880 series digital game camera page 19 using a tree mount the camera can also be mounted directly to a tree using a mounting bracket that attaches directly to a tree or pole.

The moultrie camera battery box provides a long-lasting, rechargeable external power source that will extend the field life of your moultrie game camera while standing up to the elements. Compatible with all moultrie 2007 and later digital cameras, the box also comes with a battery charger and a limited 1-year warranty. Get more mileage out of your trail cameras and eliminate the need for.

Fill your game cameras with the batteries we trust enough to put our own name on. Moultrie batteries are made to the highest industry standards. Each pack contains 16 batteries, depending on the model, thats enough to power two moultrie game cameras. With our long-lasting alkaline batteries youll get 14,000 to 20,000 images before replacement is needed.

Moultrie pro magnum deer feeder kit all metal housing built-in varmint guard battery indicator. 72 (6 used & new offers) moultrie mobile 6000 cellular trail camera.

Moultrie m-50 20mp low glow infrared game trail camera, white bark (for parts) 4.

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Moultrie battery tray

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