Modified wood siding cost

Modified wood siding cost

Thermally modified wood is natural wood that has been altered through a process of controlled pyrolysis (heating in the absence of oxygen), to make it more durable for outdoor use.

Wood siding usually ranges from 1 to 5 per square foot plus installation charges of 2 to 5 per square foot. The more complex the exterior layout of the home, the more waste and installation time.

Cambia by nfp offers our thermally modified poplar siding in two standard profiles shiplap and tongue and groove.

Americana thermally modified wood siding & rainscreen is 100 grown, harvested, and manufactured in pennsylvania, the heart of the american hardwood forests. We offer a variety of profiles to get the look you want, whether its vertical or horizontal. Go with ash for a bold, pronounced grain, or poplar for the smooth look.

Tough to the core, lp smartside siding is a treated engineered wood product thats more durable, stable and consistent than traditional wood its easy to recommend for light commercial, shed and residential applications that require a premium look and the toughness to combat extreme weather.

Cambia thermally modified poplar creates a stunning exterior. Siding, soffits and trim come to life with cambias thermally modified poplar. Cambia thermally modified poplar siding brings the beauty of wood to this magnificent exterior. From americas well-managed hardwood forests, cambia by nfp provides an affordable, environmentally friendly.

Accoya modified wood has become the timber industry benchmark when it comes to performance and sustainability. No other timber offers the same combination of durability, stability and versatility. Sustainably sourced, and with a low total lifetime carbon cost, accoya actively contributes to a circular, bio-based economy.

  thermally treated woods big selling point is that it is decay-resistant and non-toxic. Instead, wood is placed in a kiln where temperatures are slowly raised to 400 degrees f or more, then held for several hours. Because the temperatures in the kiln exceed the woods combustion temperature, air is evacuated and replaced with steam.

Thermally modified wood was the secret of northern seafarers who used the process to render their ships resistant to the corrosive effect of salty waters. This same ancient process has been modernized to bring this unique finishing into modern homes and public spaces. Thermally modified ash products have high resistance to heat, water, fungus and mould.

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Modified wood siding cost

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