Marathon investment programs

Marathon investment programs

Marathon investment programs is a registered investment advisor dedicated to producing superior risk-adjusted returns, with low correlation to market indices, while protecting capital in all market conditions.

Marathon investment programs is a registered investment advisor dedicated to producing superior risk-adjusted returns, with low correlation to market indices, while protecting capital in all market conditions. Fritz harnsberger, a registered investment advisor with the state of california.

Marathon investment programs offers financial advisor services in 2 states california, nevada. What is the average client balance at marathon investment programs? While marathon investment programs advises clients across a variety of portfolio sizes, the average client balance is currently 514,035.

Marathon investment programs marathon investment programs (crd 111487) is a financial advisory firm headquartered in ,. They manage 56,029,903 in 125 accounts and serve the financial needs of clients across 2 states (or territories).

In 1993, fritz harnsberger founded marathon investment programs as a registered investment advisory firm dedicated to using innovative methods in an effort to achieve the highest investment returns with the lowest amount of risk. As a financial advisor registered with the state of california, mr.

Marathon investment programs 902 el rancho road santa barbara, ca 93108 office fax.

902 el rancho road santa barbara, ca 93108 (805) 969-9646 visit website call.

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Marathon investment programs

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Marathon investment programs

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