Kraken leverage cost

Kraken leverage cost

The maximum level of leverage you can use depends on the currency pair youre trading.

In addition to the margin fees (opening and rollover) listed below, the usual trade fee will be applied to the opening and closing volume of a spot position on margin (but there is no fee for settling a spot position on margin). Margin fees are charged based on the total value of the order.

When shorting, you can estimate your profit or your potential coin accumulation. Although at times difficult to determine, assuming a trade falls below 50,000 currency units, maker fees sit around 0.

Below is a summary of all the fees we do and do not charge at kraken. Funding fees make up for the costs associated with us accepting deposits or sending withdrawals.

Another benefit of margin trading cryptocurrencies with kraken is that we offer extremely competitive fees. Depending on the currency pair youre looking to leverage, well only charge up to 0.

In terms of margin trading fees, kraken charges an opening fee of 0. 02 after every 4 hours until the leveraged position is open in the trading platform. Note that there are no fees for settling a margin trading position on kraken.

Kraken offers different leverage rates depending on the pair you want to trade. The biggest leverage on the platform is for xbt usd xbt eur (5x) and xrp usd xrp eur (5x). Unlike other exchange companies that have leverage rates of 100x, kraken maintains a low level of leverage due to the high volatility of cryptocurrencies.

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Kraken leverage cost

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Kraken leverage cost
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