Kotor 2 trade war

Kotor 2 trade war

I have no idea if this was one of them or not, but i suppose that could be it, only fix i could think of anyways, besides using kotor save editer to set it to be done 1 caimdark.

Kotor 2 quest glitch (the side quest trade war on nar shaddaa) so, i finished dantooine and onderon both, completely (talked to both jedis on each planet and helped defend stuff), i cant side with geeda, i told qoondar no, but he literally wont take no for an answer, and thus i.

  at oondars shop, i share his headache about his business - he offers me a discount only if i fulfill his wish, so i agree to kill his competitor, geeda (1).

One of the bugs present in the original version of kotor 2 was the rather sudden case of amnesia experienced by oondar on nar shaddaa with respect to the trade war mission. If you exit the initial dialogue with oondar before following the correct options to initiate trade war, he will no longer offer those dialogue options and you are effectively locked out of the mission for the remainder of the game.

  finish the quest or civil war in onderon once you finish it go back to nar shada and talk to the girl tell her she can trade with the mandalorians.

Thats 400 bucks for the wii package and 520620 bucks for the ps3 package. When you do the trade, just make sure that the ps3 is working. The thing about the ps3 is that theres a chance that it could be bricked. Its what happens when you upgrade and then turn off the ps3, or while the ps3 is installing the updates, it gets turn off.

Star wars knights of the old republic ii the sith lords is a role-playing video game developed by obsidian entertainment and published by lucasarts. It is the sequel to biowares star wars knights of the old republic and was released for the xbox on december 6, 2004, for microsoft windows on february 8, 2005, and os x and linux on july 21, 2015.

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Star wars fans got together and released a mod for kotor 2 called the restored content mod. The walkthrough above assumes you have the restored content mod for kotor 2 installed.

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Kotor 2 trade war

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