Kotak bank nri account

Kotak bank nri account

Kotak bank provides multiple nri account offerings to non-resident indians. Get information on nri account benefits and open nri bank account from kotak today.

Open nri savings account with kotak bank to easily access your foreign & indian income and enjoy interest on your savings. Avail various benefits from anywhere in the world with kotak nri savings account.

Check out the accounts and deposits in the nri products section provided by kotak bank for your personal banking. Visit our website to know more about the nri products by kotak.

To receive important bank messages, add these email ids to your address book nriserviceskotak.

Box16344, mumbai-400013 if you have not received a satisfactory response at level 1 within 7 working days , please follow either of the below steps.

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Kotak bank nri account

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Kotak bank nri account
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Phone Number: 044 4006 3666,
Email: [email protected]
SEBI Reg No : INZ000078632
Account No. 919003634565

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