Kingspan ks1000 mr

Kingspan ks1000 mr

11 distinct profiles - ks600-1000 mr, eb, mm, cx,wv,pl, ks1000 lv, cw, tl, fl, fl-s suitable both vertical and horizontal applications available in kingspan xl forte and kingspan spectrum.

A composite panel is a simple sandwich of a metal profile outer sheet, pir insulation filler and an internal liner. Insulated composite panels are an ideal one stop solution to insulate and clad your building.

Micro-rib (mr) available widths 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm wave (wv) available widths 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm plank (pl) available widths 600mm, 1000mm note - extended lead time & moq for steel coil product compatibility all profiles integrate with each other, as well as with kingspan.

Ks1000 rw is a through-fix, trapezoidal profiled insulated wall panel. Available in 1000mm or 2000mm widths and in lengths of up to 29m (depending on width), allowing for fast track and cost-effective installation in both vertical and horizontal applications.

4 distinct profiles - ks600-1000 fl, mm, mr, fl-s high performance insulation core suitable both vertical and horizontal applications lengths from 1. 8m up to 18m (subject to transportation limitations) spanning capability - longspan - up to 8. 2m, frame to frame cover width - 600mm 900mm 1000mm factory-applied jointing gasket accelerated build speed through pre-engineered, single.

Kingspans architectural wall panels (ks1000 awp) is an external wall cladding system suitable for commercial projects looking to make a bold statement. Designed to challenge the perception of building with panel, ks1000 awp pushes aesthetic boundaries and demonstrate its versatile, communicative, and impactful building design, unifying the simplicity of panel construction with bold.

Ks10002000 rw is a through-fix, trapezoidal profiled insulated roof panel. Available in 1000mm or 2000mm widths and in lengths of up to 29m (depending on width), allowing for fast track and cost-effective installation. Kingspan quadcore firesafe ecosafe pir insulation core available in kingspan xl forte and kingspan spectrum coatings.

Ks1000 lp is a low pitch secret-fix, shallow-profile roof insulated panel with raised side joint that can deliver an architecturally streamlined roof.

Kingspan can source steel coil with up to 80 recyceld content on request. Re-use options kingspan insulated technologies are durable, inert, do not rot and are resistant to moisture. In most cases, the panels are mechanically fixed to the structural frame and therefore can be easily disassembled and separated from other construction materials.

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Kingspan ks1000 mr

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