Karen the supertrader net worth

Karen the supertrader net worth

  karen the supertrader has tried to keep a low profile over the last several years.

Karen the super trader was a certified public account (cpa) and she quit her cfo job to become an options trader. And thats not all on youtube, you can find updates from her in each subsequent year.

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  karen the supertrader been featured in two interviews on tasty trade that have had a combined 350,000 views.

  chicago - july 1 traders make offers for futures contracts in the standard and poors stock index futures pit at the chicago mercantile exchange july 1, 2003 in chicago, illinois.

  karen supertrader karen the supertrader has generated a lot of curiosity in the trading community. The title of the last interview was option trader makes 105mm profit in the ndx, spx and rut.

Now, even after the 150 point move up in tsla, even after volatility expansion, that short vertical was still worth.

  the headline was that karen the supertrader had earned over 41 million dollars trading this strategy. She became a kind of a cult figure in the options world, showing how this simple strategy could be used by anyone to earn significant returns in the market. Since the sec investigation became public, the videos have been since taken down.

Most recently karen sold 4,602 units of ste stock worth 825,691 on 5 november 2020. The largest trade karens ever made was exercising 7,500 units of steris plc stock on worth over 247,950. On average, karen trades about 1,621 units every 76 days since 2017. As of 5 november 2020 karen still owns at least 6,144 units of steris plc stock.

  as discussed in the other karen thread, i dont think we have enough information to say that she made or lost money for her investors one way or the other. 300013page-89 the claim is that she unlawfully rolled losers while realizing winners to generate fees.

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Karen the supertrader net worth

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