Jp morgan stable value fund erisa litigation

Jp morgan stable value fund erisa litigation

A proposed settlement has been reached in a class action brought by certain individuals whose 401 (k) plan accounts included investments in the jpmorgan stable value funds. 112-cv-02548-vsb (the action), currently pending before the honorable vernon s.

12-cv-2548 (the action), currently pending before the honorable vernon s. Broderick of the united states district court for the southern district of new york. The court has given its preliminary approval to the settlement.

Morgan violated federal law when it failed to prudently manage its stable value funds, for example, by investing in risky mortgage assets.

Morgan agrees to pay 75 million to settle erisa lawsuit the consolidated litigation alleges the firm invested its stable value funds in risky assets, causing losses to retirement plan participants.

Jpmorgan stable value funds 401(k) savings plan file a claim in this class action if you invested in, or are a beneficiary of, certain jpmorgan stable value funds learn about your other options. Morgan stable value fund erisa litigation jpm stable value fund litigation settlement case no. 112-cv-02548-vsb home settlement notices file a claim court documents key dates faqs.

Settlement website jp morgan stable value fund settlement website. Claims administrator contact information jpm stable value fund litigation co jnd class action administration p.

Morgan stable value fund erisa litigation jpm stable value fund litigation settlement case no. 112-cv-02548-vsb home settlement notices file a claim court documents key dates faqs contact us key dates.

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Jp morgan stable value fund erisa litigation

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