Jiffy lube uber inspection

Jiffy lube uber inspection

If your vehicle is due for its emissions inspection, jiffy lube has you covered with quick and convenient service. Jiffy lube recommends following manufacturer recommendations, where applicable, for maintenance schedules and service intervals.

Uber partners with jiffy lube in city name to offer discounts on inspections. Otherwise, schedule an inspection with a facility licensed by the california bureau of automotive repair. Note that uber does not cover inspection costs when performed by a third-party mechanic.

  uber has partnered with chains such as jiffy lube, tires plus, meineke and midas, as well as smaller certified mechanics, in order to provide you with additional options for receiving a vehicle inspection.

Uber partners with jiffy lube in philadelphia to offer discounts on inspections. Note that uber does not cover inspection costs when performed by a third-party mechanic.

In addition to the uber greenlight locations, we also partner with jiffy lube for discounted inspections.

Contact your local jiffy lube service center for your local and state inspection requirements and offerings. Jiffy lube recommends following manufacturer recommendations, where applicable, for maintenance schedules and service intervals. Please check with your local jiffy lube service center for specific services offered.

  how much does an uber vehicle inspection cost? An uber vehicle inspection is free so long as you get one at an uber greenlight hub. Otherwise, you can get your vehicle inspected by an uber partner like jiffy lube or firestone.

  locations where you can have your lyft vehicle inspected also include jiffy lube, lyft certified mechanic or a mobile service such as the ridesharemechanic. There was once a time when lyft accepted uber inspection forms, but thats no longer the case.

If you plan on completing your vehicle inspection at a local mechanic such as pep boys or jiffy lube, youll need to print off the specific inspection form for your state and take it to their facility, so that a mechanic can fill it out while inspecting your car.

Jiffy lube coupons 15 off jiffy lube signature service oil change take advantage of this special and save on your next jiffy lube signature service oil change. Click to redeem this coupon at the participating locations below. View coupon valid only at the following locations bellflower jiffy lube 355 10160 alondra blvd.

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Jiffy lube uber inspection

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