Is topbet legit

Is topbet legit

It looks great and their games especially their 3d slots are a blast to play. But theyve been in the news recently for rigging their jackpots. Not long ago a customer won a jackpot during a free spin round.

  topbet sportsbook has long been viewed as a book to avoid. While the website is glossy and the promotions are tantalizing, the bottom line is theyve held a high spot on everyones blacklist because they frequently fail to pay their customers. The blacklist is a list of the books to avoid and it encompasses only the worst possible sportsbooks that the industry has to offer.

As a result, todays us bettors can enjoy easy and effortless access to the betting venue that topbet has created for them. In other words, if you are a us customer, you can play at topbet legit. While the payment options vary quite a fair bit, you can, in fact, rely on credit or debit card to clear a deposit, or failing that opt for bitcoin or dhl.

From what ive seen on the rest of the internet, players in general are happy with the service at topbet. Legitimate complaints are rare, although you can always find chronic malcontents who think theyre being mistreated. I have no problem recommending that you try topbet for yourself. With their no deposit bonuses, you dont even have to risk any of your own money to do so.

We continued our mission to provide an unbiased review of all the online sportsbooks and casinos we can find and came across topbet. Topbet is licensed in curacao, which is not surprising as most gambling companies are registered off-shore, but they also accept u.

Top bet has a consumer rating of 1 star from 27 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about top bet most frequently mention third party problems.

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Is topbet legit

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