Is hajime no ippo good

Is hajime no ippo good

No really, you should start watching it because you only live once.

More realistic than some other sports anime, great characters, development, growth, and dedicated portrayals of the sports. Its has action, drama, and the ability to make you thirst for the next episode.

  this is especially so in the case of hajime no ippo and the main protagonist ippo makunouchi. Not every shonen can make this message stick in the minds of the fans like ippo can.

I actually dont know how morikawa manages to make it so good considering his pace is so ridiculously slow and he trolls so ridiculously much. The fights are very predictable, yet i am still looking forward to them.

Make no mistake, all of the hajime no ippo series is great, but the episodes that tell miyatas story from his perspective show that he has the potential to be a main protagonist. While he does not have the same level of depth and attention given to him as ippo does, it is episodes and chapters like this that show that the potential is there for more should the mangaka choose to do so.

  hajime no ippo is a story about a boy named makunouchi ippo that loves boxing. Ippos journey in the sport is fun and heartbreaking at the same time.

  do you think hajime no ippo is a good anime? I think so but i wanted to now your opinions. So, my inability to click with the series clouds my judgment.

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Is hajime no ippo good

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