Investment risk tolerance calculator

Investment risk tolerance calculator

When it comes to investing for your future, every person has a different propensity for risk. Our risk tolerance calculator can help assess your individual risk profile based on the risk you are willing to accept.

What is my risk tolerance? On your way home from work, do you drive in the slow lane or the fast lane? Each person has a different propensity for risk. When investing, this risk propensity can be used to determine the percentage of your portfolio that is exposed to equities. Complete the following questionnaire to help determine your risk profile.

What is the calculator about? An individuals risk profile is determined by a combination of factors. In many cases, the individual makes the wrong investment choices because he is not aware of his risk tolerance. The risk tolerance tool will help you take the right investment decisions that are in in line with your risk taking capacity.

This calculator is meant to be used for illustration purposes only and to assist the investors in calculating the appropriate amount of their prospective investments. This calculator alone is not sufficient and shouldnt be used for the development or implementation of any investment strategy. The calculator does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the figures calculated.

The key to thinking about risk tolerance and investing is balancing your innate risk tolerance with the other two factors discussed above - your goals and your age. For example, if you reach age 65 and youre as risk-loving as ever, you might want to let your age and your goal of impending retirement moderate your aggressive investment strategy.

  your risk tolerance calculation comes from your age, major life changes (like if youre going to buy a home soon), income and investment comfort level. Regardless of where you open an investment account, youll need to share major financial details to discover your risk tolerance.

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Investment risk tolerance calculator

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