Icici bank outward remittance exchange rate

Icici bank outward remittance exchange rate

Outward remittance - remittance services from icici bank, a simple and reliable way to send money to your loved ones staying abroad.

Get competitive exchange rates faster turnaround time for processing the requests remit money through wire transfer and foreign currency demand draft remittance facility available through the online channel facility also available to non-icici bank account holders sending money from india to overseas, is made easy and convenient with icici bank.

Rate alert get personalised rate alerts to monitor your exchange rate from inr to foreign currency. When icici banks card rate reaches your desired ratelower than desired rate, we will send you an e-mailsms alert. The tracking of the rates will be valid for 30 calendar days.

Icici bank offers retail outward remittance facility in the following currencies usd, gbp, euro, sgd, cad, aud, chf, hkd, jpy, aed, sar, dkk, nok, sek, qar, nzd, zar, omr, thb and bhd. Mode of remittance charges for resident customers charges for nri customers (applicable for repatriation from nronre accounts only) wire transfer initiated through icici bank.

When icici banks card rate reaches your desired rate lower than desired rate, we will send you an e-mailsms alert. The tracking of the rates will be valid for 30 calendar days. Set up a transaction gives you the option to set the desired exchange rate from inr to foreign currency, and gets your transaction request auto-initiated when.

Outward remittance (non trade) outward remittance is a transfer of funds in the form of foreign exchange by a person from india, to a beneficiary outside india (except for nepal and bhutan) for any bonafide purposes as permissible under foreign exchange management act (fema), 1999.

For making an outward remittance from your nro account, please walk into any icici bank branch in india and initiate the outward remittance by filling up retail outward remittance application specifying the necessary details. In addition to this, you have to provide documentary proof of the source of the funds sought to be remitted and c.

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Icici bank outward remittance exchange rate

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Icici bank outward remittance exchange rate

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