Ibuypower shipping options

Ibuypower shipping options

We also have frequent promotions on our site that i suggest you check whenever youre ready to place the order.

Ibuypower will arrange for shipment of ordered product (s) to the customer, free on board (f.).

Rma process options we do offer 2 kinds of rma part swaps, a normal (regular) part swap and an advance part swap. Normal part swaps involve you taking the defective part that was determined to be the cause of your problems out of the pc and packaging it up, and shipping it back to us.

There are options available that will allow you to ship items ordered from e-commerce stores like ibuypower to your house or office address in canada.

An additional 20 shipping charge will be applied if any items are requested after your system is shipped.

Ground shipping is worth it, especially for when offered as free. Enter ibuypower origin zipcode (91746) to see how long ground would take. Ny and hawaii (dont ask how ground drives over water lol) being 5 days and alaska being 67 days.

Asrock x570 phantom gaming 4-- rgb, gb lan, argb header (1), usb 3.

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Ibuypower shipping options

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