Iberostar playa mita airport transfer

Iberostar playa mita airport transfer

Book airport transfers and port transfers to iberostar selection playa mita, punta de mita, puerto vallarta. We offer shuttle transfers, transfers in special vehicles for disabled passengers and taxi transfers. For those special occasions or that touch of luxury, we also offer limousine transfers.

Private transportation to iberostar playa mita from puerto vallarta airport. Iberostar playa mita is a 5-star premium gold resort located next to punta mita on the riviera nayarit. This all-inclusive resort offers a relaxing atmosphere, exquisite international dishes and endless activities for guests of all ages. Iberostar playa mita is conveniently located 40 kilometers from puerto vallarta international airport.

Iberostar playa mita, a 5-star premium gold hotel located near punta de mita, riviera nayarit, offers a relaxing and all-inclusive atmosphere complete with mouthwatering international dishes and endless activities for guests of all ages. Standing tall near the beautiful punta de mita, on mexicos pacific coast,.

The taxi from iberostar back to the airport was 600 pesos about 40 usd. Gray line is a company that offers transportation its a little more expensive. Make sure you clarify you need transportation to iberostar playa mita.

  there are 5 ways to get from puerto vallarta airport (pvr) to iberostar selection playa mita, punta mita by bus, taxi, car, shuttle or towncar.

Iberostar selection playa mita, a 5-star selection hotel located in punta mita, riviera nayarit, offers a relaxing and all-inclusive atmosphere complete with mouthwatering international dishes and endless activities for guests of all ages. Standing tall in beautiful punta mita, on mexicos pacific coast, iberostar playa mita is conveniently located 25 miles from puerto vallarta international airport.

This page will calculate your cab fare using uber x - mexico city taxi rates. To begin, enter your travel information in the fields below the map. All results are estimates and may vary depending on external factors such as traffic and weather.

  we had a wonderful stay at iberostar selection in playa mita. I have been to many all- inclusives, 12 to be exact, both on the pacific and the gulf coast and i can say that the buffet food here was absolutely the best i have ever had at any resort! The al la carte restaurants were excellent too, our favorite being, the gourmet. We were a bit disappointed with the unprofessionalism of the wait.

Anyone who recently has taken a taxi from the pvr airport to iberostar playa mita for 4 adults know the cost in pesos or us dollars? So another post that said the yellow taxis across the street was 550 pesos (30 us?) for 4 people.

Iberostar grand paraiso, playa paraiso does iberostar offer transportation services from. Check out 13 answers, plus 6,481 reviews and 12,324 candid photos ranked 1 of 10 hotels in playa paraiso and rated 5 of 5 at tripadvisor.

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Iberostar playa mita airport transfer

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