How to take half profit mt4

How to take half profit mt4

  if you want to use take profits, then you need to decide at the time you place the trade, and create separate component orders with different tp levels. You can later modify the location of these levels (but not the sizes of the positions).

  in this video, you will learn how to close a half position or take half profit of forex trade in the mt4 platformplease subscribe to my channel to learn more.

  here our step-by-step instructions 1) double click on the order (or right click close) for example, you have a 0.

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So basically when take profit 1 hit 20 pips it start operating as stop loss. Is there a simple way to set multiple take profits levels on mt4. Even though in the example above the stop loss and take profit were linked to the position after it was opened to make the example easier to understand it is also possible to simultaneously add an s l and t p to the position when the entry order is being placed.

The problem is remembering if and when you last did the partial close.

  this suggestion is for mt4, i found this somewhere on the forum. Get an ma, set period to 1, set price to ask on your chart. Just curious if we can draw ask chart on meta trader 5 platform.

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How to take half profit mt4

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