How to read bollinger lines

How to read bollinger lines

  when using bollinger bands, designate the upper and lower bands as price targets.

  to read bollinger bands you need to look at all three lines. The simplest way to read the three bollinger lines is to think in terms of whether the market is considered expensive or cheap.

  bollinger bands explained 101 as the name implies, bollinger bands are price channels (bands) that are plotted above and below price. The outer bollinger bands are based on price volatility, which means that they expand when the price fluctuates and trends strongly, and the bands contract during sideways consolidations and low momentum trends.

  bollinger bands is an indicator consists of three lines an sma 20 and an upper and lower line, each set with two standard deviations by default. The bands automatically expand when volatility increases and narrow when the market calms down.

  bollinger bands can be applied around the rsi line to assess additional buy and sell signals. When rsi is near an extreme high (100) or low (0), and is touching either the high part of the upper band or the low part of the lower band, the rsi line could pull back sharply from the band.

Note bollinger bands is a registered trademark of john bollinger.

  for bollinger bands, we will use standard parameters 20 bar period and 2 standard deviations. For rsi, we will also leave the default settings length - 14 limits - 30 and 70. Lets modify the rsi a little by adding a horizontal line at the 50 level. The bollinger bounce strategy involves trading on developing trends.

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How to read bollinger lines

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