How to move small shuttle astroneer

How to move small shuttle astroneer

  the small shuttle is the lowest tier of shuttle available, and is the first one the player can print. The shuttle needs either a solid-fuel thruster or a hydrazine thruster to function. When the player is seated in the shuttle, pressing c or v will launch the shuttle into orbit.

Move the vehicle bay to a spot youd like to park the shuttle. Take off in the shuttle and land at the new vehicle bay location.

  to enter the shuttle, press the use key (default f ) to take off, press one of the context keys ( c or v by default). The shuttle will launch into orbit of the planet, allowing the player to land on one of the available landing zones, or by pressing the context key again, view the solar system.

Just disconnect the power to your vehicle bay, move it, and build the large shuttle.

  they are best used with the small shuttle early on as a way to explore other planets before acquiring the hydrazine thruster and medium shuttle and large shuttle.

Since the shuttle is parked at the previous location where the bay used to be, when you come back, it will land on top of the rover. If that happens, move the bay to some other location with space, launch again and come back to land.

You are gonna have to make a lot of round-trips to different planets in order to collect resources like iron and tungsten, but once youre able to invest in a bigger shuttle, youll have a much easier time moving from planet to planet. Imo, focus on getting the chemistry lab which you need ceramic, glass, and tungsten for. That way, youll be able to make aluminum alloy which you need for the medium shuttle.

Drive to new location, unpack everything, print a new shelter. You could leave the cheap stuff (like normal platforms made from resin) behind to save on round trips.

  small battery (2,000) to complete every planet we will need 30x small batteries. Large shuttle (5,000) - with 1x t2 and 2x t3 slots this can transport all of our supplies easily.

With it, you can create, for example, a small shuttle that will allow you to travel to other planets. Large platform is a platform on which it is possible to place objects of the large type - the power is connected to this platform.

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How to move small shuttle astroneer

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