How to compress a vlc video file

How to compress a vlc video file

After installing and launching vlc, you can start compressing video now click media in the toolbar. You can also tap shortcut keys ctrl r to quickly open a new window.

  add videos into the vlc compress video alternative run wonderfox hd video converter factory pro and open converter. Click on the add files button and choose videos you want to compress from your computer.

  the third step is to click on add button to select the video file you want to compress. Start the compression process select the file from your pc and click on convert to start the.

Go to menu and click on media convertsave and select the video you need clicking on add convertsave when you were done.

To compress your videos by cutting the unnecessary parts of the video file using vlc, select the advanced control option from the view menu.

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How to compress a vlc video file

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How to compress a vlc video file
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