How to cast oculus quest to tv without chromecast

How to cast oculus quest to tv without chromecast

Youre done! The ability to cast the oculus quest to the tv is great if you have people around that dont want to watch you flail around and instead see.

If you have a smart tv if you have a smart tv then you easily stream oculus quest to your tv without chromecast. You just need to first connect your phone to oculus quest and then cast your phone to your smart tv using screencast of your phone.

Step 6 once you select a device, it will send a confirmation text to your oculus quest 2 headset. Step 7 accept the confirmation message and your friends will be able to watch all the action that unfolds in your virtual world. The oculus quest 2 is now available for 299 for the base 64gb model.

  how to cast your oculus quest from your headset once your oculus quest is running version 10.

To2hxa2kuthe hyphenate shows you how to screen cast your oculus quest headset.

Tap the cast icon in the upper right-hand corner (right next to the bell icon). Select your oculus quest (any supported devices will show up on this list).

In order to chromecast the oculus quest to a tv with an older version of built-in chromecast you must first download chromecast in app store (on smartphone) open app & screen mirror to tv open oculus app & cast to phone enjoy.

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How to cast oculus quest to tv without chromecast

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How to cast oculus quest to tv without chromecast
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