Hotforex bonus account

Hotforex bonus account

All you need to do is open a live trading account and select the option available according to the type of your trading account.

Open 30 no deposit bonus account (provide primary mobile telephone number) 2. Withdrawal requirements bonus may be used for trading purposes only and cannot be withdrawn.

  register an account get 30 bonus cash out profits trade 2 lots, execute 15 trades, and with a minimum of usd 60 or more. Bonus no terms and conditions hotforex no deposit bonus.

You need to open a trading account with hotforex company and apply for the100 supercharged credit bonusrebate, and fund your account with at least 250 to receive up to 100 bonus, which can be claimed up to 50000 or its equivalent. The bonus volume requirement is not bound by time, so take as much time as you need.

Daily cash rebates of usd 2 per lot directly to your account.

The broker offers an attractive hotforex bonus of 100 on the deposited amount either as a cash bonus or a credit bonus, which essentially doubles the equity in a trading account. Hotforex is one of the very few mainstream forex brokers that offer a bonus, and along with exceptional trading conditions, traders will find the bonus to be quite useful in trading.

To this end we now offer 6 different accounts to suit the specific requirements of different traders. Whether you are looking to open a demo or live account, through the micro, premium, islamic or auto account you will find the complete flexibility to trade at the level you want.

Financial markets and your hotforex account are in the palm of your hand with the hf app use it to help you understand the markets with trading tools and the latest news, updates, and financial analysis. The updated hf app now features direct access to your myhf area.

You dont need any deposit, the broker will give you bonus after opening a new account. Just you need to register with a forex broker and verify your account.

  forex trading can be started on micro account with as low deposit as 5. The broker provides fixed accounts with fixed spreads, which are suitable for beginners and zero accounts with raw spreads without markup. Hotforex offers a number of promotions including demo and live competitions with attractive prizes and high deposit bonuses.

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