Hoovers jewelry kearney ne

Hoovers jewelry kearney ne

Hoovers jewelers is proud to be a leader of engagement in kearney, ne. We have over 500 engagement ring styles in store for you to choose from and the majority of our rings are custom ordered to each clients specification. This is important because every individual feels as if they helped create their dream rings! The staff at hoovers jewelers is excited to.

Whether you are looking for something to compliment your wardrobe or looking for something to pass on to the next generation we have it.

Diamond central hoovers jewelers has always been a family business.

All four of us my sisters and brothers have worked in the store over the years and i still look forward to coming in every day. We opened our kearney store in 1998, and have really loved becoming part of the community here. When we stop at the grocery store to get a gallon of milk, the people we see are our customers and friends.

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All four of us my sisters and brothers have worked in the store over the years and i still look forward to coming in every day. We opened our kearney store in 1988, and moved downtown on the bricks in 1998.

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Hoovers jewelry kearney ne

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