Heritage land bank interest rates

Heritage land bank interest rates

Funds held interest rate heritage land bank funds held interest rate the funds held rate paid by the bank for the month of february 2021 will be 0. 05 this rate is based on the banks 30-day cost of funds on the last business day of the month.

Our rural lending experts speak your language and provide the kind of personalized, friendly service that other banks only talk about. We make it our business to finance your dreams, no matter the size, from country homes and recreational property to building and growing your agribusiness, ranch, or farm, and weve been doing it since 1917.

  interest tax & insurance principal balance 2021 2,240 5,631 0 157,760 2022.

Heritage land bank is the leading provider of financing and related services to our agricultural community. Not only do we provide the financing to support agriculture, we are actively involved in the industry and community events.

Its the perfect place to raise a family, commune with nature, escape the daily grind, and rediscover your inner child. Play, relax, enjoy, theres no time like the present to invest in your lifestyle. The staff at heritage land bank are experts in rural home financing with over 100 years of experience.

Interest rates determine the cost of your home or personal loan and what you pay each month even the smallest difference in an interest rate can make a big difference to your loan repayments. For more information about our interest rates and products phone our queensland based contact centre on 13 14 22 or drop into your local heritage bank branch.

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Heritage land bank interest rates

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Heritage land bank interest rates

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