Hdmi input audio format pcm vs bitstream

Hdmi input audio format pcm vs bitstream

When you consider pcm and bitstream for your home theater experience, youll discover that each format delivers some specific pros and cons to consider. It cannot be stressed enough that the average person will not detect a difference between these two hdmi audio inputs.

In this update, we can certify that for the users, there is practically no noticeable difference in quality between pcm and bitstream (). We will discuss below the evidence that we have to demonstrate it (). Likewise, we will also mention a few cases where the pcm vs bitstream discussion has relevance () and you should care about it ().

Both transmission methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but they dont make one better than the other. In fact, if youre going to use pcm and bitstream for the same audio format on the same speakers, the output youre going to hear will most likely be the same.

  for audio, if you connect a blu-ray disc player to a home theater receiver via hdmi, there are two main audio output settings available bitstream and pcm (which is also called lpcm).

Now the problem i noticed the audio quality change when i change the hdmi input audio format to pcm to bitstream or vice versa. Can you tell me why that is, even you technically its supposed to be a direct connection from apple tv to homepod.

  in bitstream, the audio is decoded by the prepro, receiver, tv, or soundbar while in pcm, the source player (blu-ray player, ps, xbox, and so on) decodes the audio signals before transmission. If you use bitstream, the audio processor in the player is bypassed while in pcm, the audio processing on your avr, preamp, tv, or soundbar is bypassed.

Select hdmi input audio format, and choose between the two available audio formats pcm this stands for pulse-code modulation. Use this setting if the external device youve connected to the hdmi port has already processed the sound, and you just want it to come out of your tvs speakers.

  but some old (10y) receivers cant understand new audio formats like dolby truehd or dts hd, but they can understand pcm. Bitstream is better, but for stereo source it is basically the same, except if your sources pcm decoding is bad somehow.

Yeah the big tldr question is why the ps5 game audio always is recommended to be lpcm coupled with the input format set to bitstream. I know the ps5 setting is for lower lag and so the audio doesnt have to be compressed just to be decompressed again (since its generated in real time, unlike a movie), but i dont get why its then said to tell the tv to expect bitstream instead of.

Which is best, sending pcm or bitstream from the player to the av receiver? I have reviewed many posts in the av forums and other areas that dont seem to give a definitive answer. I have an onkyo tx-sr608 avr and an lg blu-ray player capable of decoding dts and dolby lossless audio. I view blu-ray and dvd discs about 5050 certainly blu-ray when available.

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Hdmi input audio format pcm vs bitstream

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Hdmi input audio format pcm vs bitstream
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