Hdfc regalia forex card review

Hdfc regalia forex card review

After seeing a massive success on the hdfc regalia credit card by devaluing the points, looks like hdfc bank now decided to use its past name and fame of regalia to brand its new forex card. Hdfc has launched a new forex card this month that revolves around the concept of no cross currency conversion charges, which is indeed in high demand lately.

  hdfc bank regalia credit card is a premium offering from hdfc bank and is probably the most popular one.

You can redeem the points on regalia firstregalia just like your hdfc moneyback card with an exception of converting it to cashback. You cant convert your points to cashback on regaliaregalia first cards. But, all in all, an upgrade to regalia first is much recommended if your spends are more than 1 lakh per year as with that spending you get free renewal along with other benefits.

  there are many benefits with hdfc regalia credit card, but following are the main highlighted benefits of hdfc regalia credit card. Complimentary priority pass membership for preferential and free access to 600 airport lounges around the world. Lowest foreign currency mark-up fee of 2 on international transactions.

Here are the major features and benefits along with complete hdfc regalia first credit card review 2021.

To enable online payment (e-commerce) service on the card follow mentioned steps login in to prepaid card netbanking with your user id. Go to account summary tab and click on manage my profile option.

I recently had a horrible experience when i was on a educational visit to rome. When they wanted to issue the card, the concerned department used to call me every half an hour and made me feel like i was a king.

  doston aaj ham baat karenge hdfc bank regalia forexplus card k bare me. Janenge hdfc regalia forexplus card ke features, benefits aur charges k baare mai, au.

Links to site in comments friends today i will tell you about hdfc bank regalia forexplus card to know more about- hdfc regalia forex card review hd.

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Hdfc regalia forex card review

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