Hagrid's birthday party hogwarts mystery walkthrough

Hagrid's birthday party hogwarts mystery walkthrough

As most of you may know already, rubeus hagrid is the keeper of keys and grounds at hogwarts. Youve had the chance to meet him shortly after starting your hogwarts journey. It is only fair that you repay him by organizing the best possible birthday party.

Hello everyone, welcome to the part 1 of hagrids birthday adventure walkthrough for harry potter hogwarts mystery. This adventure becomes available during year one of your hogwarts studies.

Its the space to discuss with fellow players if you got any problems with the game, extra tips and tricks, whatever it is that is related to hogwarts mystery! Now, only the admin can post blog posts but you can submit your topics via the form below.

The cake baked for hagrids birthday, decorated with many edible beasts shortly before his birthday, hagrid had lost one of his favourite pets, causing him not to be his usual cheerful self. As an attempt to cheer him up, albus dumbledore decided to hold a surprise party for him.

The limited-time side quest is called happy birthday, hagrid! And harry potter hogwarts mystery players have about three days to complete it.

Magical journey through harry potter hogwarts mystery by blue moon game no commentary.

  harry potter hogwarts mystery gamesidequest - hagrids magical birthday party! Part 1 & 2 stay tuned for parts 3 & 4 !dont miss out on swirly pops fun!sub.

1st task - 1 hour, 1 star to pass (27 energy needed, so 1 hour and 46 minutes for a full recharge) and 5 knowledge dialogue option.

  its the space to discuss with fellow players if you got any problems with the game, extra tips and tricks, whatever it is that is related to hogwarts mystery! Now, only the admin can post blog posts but you can submit your topics via the form below.

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Hagrid's birthday party hogwarts mystery walkthrough

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