Greedi vegan menu

Greedi vegan menu

Grain of the day with crab cakes topped with our house made pepper sauce, curried chick peas topped with roasted organic zucchini, and spicy sautéed purple cabbage and carrots.

Grain of the day topped with,vegan beef, caramelized red onions, carrots, stir fried mushrooms, and spinach. Greedi veggie bowl choice of herbed potatoes or grain, grilled carrots, shiitakeportoello mushrooms, zucchini, spinach and chick peas.

Gluten free blue corn chips topped with spicy vegan plant based beef or chicken, mozzarella cheese, pickled jalepenos, sweet corn, salsa and kalemole.

We are excited to announce our holiday catering menu 2020! This year has been challenging in more ways than one, but greedi is here to make sure that you have all the comforts of health and deliciousness however you plan to celebrate. All orders should be submitted online through our catering link found here.

Inspired by flavor profiles from darings global travels and her familys southern roots, the menu offers brunch and comfort food classics, vegan style gluten-free pancakes with fresh berries and coconut cream deeply savory soy sausage with tofu scramble meatball sliders chicken tacos creamy mac & goodness various veggie bowls and much more.

2 new flavors kale and calaloo served with mango chutney and jerk mushroom served with our house jerk sauce.

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Greedi vegan - 1031 bergen street180 ralph ave, brooklyn, ny 11216 - rated 5 based on 2 reviews i cannot get over my meal at greedi vegan! I started.

Specialties vegan restaurant specializing in healthy delicious vegan comfort food.

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Greedi vegan menu

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Greedi vegan menu
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