G37 sedan coilovers

G37 sedan coilovers

  revels touring sport are infiniti g37 sedan coilovers designed to strike a perfect balance between comfort and performance. With these installed, your g37 sedan will be one step closer to the ultimate sleeper. These coilovers come with a combination of linear and progressive springs that go very well with their 10 front and 8k rear spring rates.

If youre looking for budget coilovers that dont sacrifice quality and performance in the process, look no further. These affordable 370z coilovers g37 coilovers which are built by the guys over at bc racing, the very same company which works with some of the best drifters in the industry, including chelsea denofa and three-time formula drift champion, as well as 370z pilot, chris forsberg.

At andys auto sport, we have a huge variety of infiniti g37 coilovers to ensure that you have every coilover kit option available to you. We go out of our way to carry every major line of infiniti g37 coilovers, so that whether you are looking for a tein infiniti g37 coilovers suspension kit or kw coilovers or megan coilovers or anything in between, weve got it for you.

Bc racing br series coilover kit 08-13 infiniti g37 coupe or sedan rwd only part number v-02-br the bc racing br series coilovers are the perfect choice for street driving with a dash of weekend warrior track action. Featuring easily accessible adjustment knobs and separately adjustable ride height, the br series makes adjusting and maintaining your performance coilover system easier than ever.

  g37 bc coilovershello fam welcome again to the channel here i have another video for you guys i switch from stance coilers to bc racing coils i was just look.

C h a r a c t e r i s t i c s model year engine displacement drive train layout fffwd frmrrrrwd 4wdawd chassis code trim level product name part number msrp (excl. I n c l u d e s p r i n g s e d f c c o m p a t i b i l i t y damping force adjust-ment full-length ride-height adjust-able upper mount ride height change (inch.).

  these coilovers are designed to be a streetable race built coilover at an. Flex z inherits all the features and quality on new platform. Flex z, of course, maintains the long-favored made in yokohama quality.

Infiniti g37 sedan rwd 2011, mono-ss front and rear coilover kit by godspeed project. Godspeed projects monoss is one entity in family of single-adjustable coilover suspension kits.

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G37 sedan coilovers

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