G code reverser online

G code reverser online

  our reverser interprets the g-code, and collects the details and data needed from the commands, then it regenerates the 3d model which represents the outcome of the printing process using the respective g-code file.

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Gcodeviewer is a visual gcode visualizer, viewer and analyzer in your own browser! It works on any os in almost any modern browser (chrome, ff, safari 6, opera, ie10 should work too).

In laymans terms it is a programming language which tells a 3d printer how to print an object where individual commands perform different functions. For instance g0 commands the printer to move as rapidly as possible to the next location while g28 commands the printer to move the print head to home.

Slic3r, like many other slicers, has the ability to convert several file types to g-code directly. Given that g-code is the universal language for 3d printing, its possible to convert most 2d and 3d files into g-code.

Paste your g-code in the left-hand window or drop a file on the page and see the preview of your tool path on the right. The right-hand pane are interactive, drag them to change the point of view.

  to convert a g-code file to stl, open voxelizer and select file - import, and then select your g-code file.

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G code reverser online

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