Exchange widget android

Exchange widget android

  aqua mail boasts a wide range of powerful features, which include home screen widgets, smart folders, calendar sync for exchange and office 365, a different email signature for each account, and instant replies via voice input from an android wear smartwatch. However, many of these features are available only through in-app purchases, some of which are somewhat expensive.

  the app has a clean, one of the best and cleanest uis along with a slew of little goodies. That includes email snoozing, two-factor authentication, the ability to send emails later, read receipts.

Listen to whats new in your inbox, organize schedules and more. Find what you need with search- its only a tap away or you can use your voice and ask for what you need with language you use every day. Outlook for android works with microsoft exchange, microsoft 365, outlook.

  this top-rated email app for android is compatible with services like gmail, exchange, yahoo mail, hotmailoutlook, icloud, google apps, office 365, and all imap accounts.

  blue mail is a free, well-designed email app that offers tons of great features. It works with multiple email providers, including gmail, yahoo mail, aol, outlook, and microsoft 365 among others. It also offers support for imap, pop3, and exchange, and it offers autoconfiguration.

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Exchange widget android

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