Ethereum metropolis byzantium

Ethereum metropolis byzantium

The time for the byzantium testnet launch has been announced the first of the two phases for metropolis network upgrade for ethereum.

  what is metropolis, byzantium, and constantinople? Metropolis is a planned ethereum development phase that includes two hard forks byzantium and constantinople. Constantinople does not currently have a release date, but is expected in 2018.

At a very high level, you can think of the current version of ethereum as v2. 1 of ethereum and metropolis as being another name for version 3. Byzantium is kind of like version 3 alpha (a feature-incomplete version of version 3, except not really in testing phase) -- it is the first half of the rollout of byzantium.

The clients have to take the necessary steps and changes that go-with the upgrade names as byzantium and on top of it the trigger at block 4,370,000 which is the green card for changing position to the new code. Once complete, the hard fork will introduce improvements to ethereum, such as making the network faster with fewer data constraints.

This fork wasnt created because of any extreme situations, though - its part of a plan to improve the existing ethereum blockchain. The phase of constantinople is currently the active one (byzantium is considered to have ended).

The meteropolis update is going to be a two step procedure, and first of which, byzantium will happen on 17th october at around block number 4,370,000.

  the byzantium hard fork is an update to ethereums blockchain that was implemented in october 2017 at block 4,370,000.

  metropolis is an upcoming upgrade of the ethereum network. If you havent already done so, i recommend reading this explanation of the upgrade. Because the changes are not backward compatible the way the network must upgrade itself is via a planned hard fork.

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Ethereum metropolis byzantium

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