Escape from tarkov most valuable items

Escape from tarkov most valuable items

Items in the high tier such as the tank battery may be worth more than some in the op tier, but take up significantly more space in your bag.

Theres quite a few keys worth hundreds of thousands or even multiple millions, ledx is 1-1. 5m, virtex, vpx and graphics cards are worth 300-500k, tank batteries are 250k, paracords are 200k.

Escape from tarkov is one of the most realistic fps games on the market, and the loot is reminiscent of modern items found in the region.

  with full auto rifles being the most valuable and pistols being the least-medical supplies-armor-auxiliary gear (headphones, helmets, rigs, bags) (note that food should just be eaten in the raid and its really not worth taking home) what items to sell in escape from tarkov.

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Escape from tarkov most valuable items

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Escape from tarkov most valuable items
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