Enable one click trading mt4

Enable one click trading mt4

  one click trading on mt4 one click trading is perfect for traders who want faster trading execution as it removes all other steps. It can be enabled by clicking tools on the toolbar, proceed to options, trade and one click trading. Accept the terms and conditions and click ok in the options window.

Once the mt4 client is up to date, you will now have access to the one click trading feature by right-clicking within a graph and selecting one click trading or by typing altt on the keyboard. Now get ready to open and close trades, set your sl and tp, break-even and trailing stops, all directly from the chart.

Everything about one-click trading and how to activate it in mt4 the built-in one-click trading function in mt4 simplifies the trading process and significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to fulfill trades. You can use it to open and close orders, set stop-loss and take-profit levels, and place pending orders all with the minimum number of clicks.

  to use one click trading (altt), you need to first activate it in the configuration options (ctrlo) - trade - one click trading.

You will have to make another one in metaeditor for sell as the default is buy 1 lot.

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Enable one click trading mt4

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Enable one click trading mt4

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