Electroneum mining android emulator

Electroneum mining android emulator

Official electroneum crypto wallet with remote mining capability for free coins.

  what is electroneum (etn) before going into electroneum mining, lets start with the basics. Electroneum is a cryptocurrency that is based on another digital coin called monero (xmr).

Step 1 go to google play store and download universal crypto miner for crypto coins app.

According to richard ells, electroneums ceo, the app does not perform real mining only a simulation of mining. The electroneum app will mine etn based on the cpu capacity of your phone but it wont actually use any cpu power to mining. The app will continually read the available cpu power on the phone and adjust the mining rate accordingly.

Back to our business, theres currently an electroneum app for android live on google play. The one for ios is still in the works, and will soon follow after the launch. The electroneum app right now acts as a mobile wallet, and sometime towards the end of november it will act as an electroneum mining rig too.

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Electroneum mining android emulator

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