Einstein coin exchange

Einstein coin exchange

  einstein exchange was a cryptocurrency exchange registered in british columbia. It was created in december 2017, only served canadians, and claimed to be the fastest growing exchange in canada. When it shut down, it reportedly had about 200,000 customers.

Einstein is a fast-growing canadian platform for digital currency exchange. It is one of the worlds largest exchanges when it comes to trading volume.

The current coinmarketcap ranking is 429, with a live market cap of 65,416,711 usd.

Einstein goes belly up even with crypto prices seemingly on the rise once again, not everyone seems to be able to profit in the current crypto market. The latest victim is canadian cryptocurrency exchange einstein, which has just shut down with a massive 12.

Canadian securities regulators have seized control of the einstein cryptocurrency exchange. The british columbia securities commission (bcsc) announced monday that it had filed to take control of.

The only source of knowledge about the einstein exchanges funds is a sworn affidavit by british columbia citizen sammy wu, who claims to have knowledge of the exchanges affairs. He claimed that the market operator pooled together both fiat and crypto funds, and used that pool to serve withdrawals.

  einstein exchange is canadas fully amlkyc compliant cryptocurrency exchange, open for all customers. Letting users purchase digital currency in under 60 seconds, with instant verification for canadians who visit our office, and with no limitations on withdrawals.

  after recently taking control of the einstein exchange, the b. Securities commission (bcsc) is discovering the money is already mostly gone. Supreme court filing, court appointed receiver grant thornton limited have revealed that of the 16 million in customer funds they hoped to locate, only c45,000 (us33,808) have been accounted for , reports global news.

Einsteins hands are folded beneath his chin, and he gazes out at the viewer from the coin. Inscriptions on this coin include canada, face value, year, and emc. Coin specifications bullion exchanges exclusive coin limited mintage of 1,500 made with.

Suing einstein exchange for financial losses, negligence, failure to disclose, and unlawful conduct even if einstein exchange fixes the mistakes.

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Einstein coin exchange

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