Dragon age inquisition all endings

Dragon age inquisition all endings

Endings in dragon age inquisition are tied to your characters choices during the game, and sometimes affected by your actions in previous games. Special thanks to drake0713 from the official forums for compiling the information. The breach tis said that corypheus woke after his long slumber and found the world gone awry. He fought to bring back those days of magic and shadow, to raise.

  all endings to wicked eyes and wicked hearts in dragon age inquisition. The ending to wicked eyes and wicked hearts is largely determined by the inquisitors choices throughout the quest, the kind of blackmail they are able to find while exploring the unauthorized areas of the castle, and the number of halla statues they manage to find.

Even as a dragon age fan thats been playing since origins, the ending to inquisitionor more specifically, the post-credits epilogueleft me scratching my head.

This page details the endings to the trespasser dlc for dragon age inquisition. What follows are transcripts of the various epilogues depending upon the players choices. 1 the inquisitions fate 2 the qunari threat 3 cassandra pentaghasts whereabouts 4 seras whereabouts 5 viviennes whereabouts.

  dragon age inquisition having 40 major endings with variations sounded a little excessive when producer cameron lee mentioned it last week.

  so let me take a moment, now that ive calmed down, to reiterate the reasons i think dragon age inquisition failed in its ending. And why that halfhearted ending makes an otherwise remarkable gameless than the sum of its parts. First of all i should say that i was exaggerating when i said this was a worse ending than mass effect 3.

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Dragon age inquisition all endings

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Dragon age inquisition all endings
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