Dominion resources dividend reinvestment plan

Dominion resources dividend reinvestment plan

The mimimum initial purchase to enroll is 350 or 4 monhtly auto purchases of 12.

Dividend reinvest plans (drip) and direct stock purchase plans (dspp) are plans provided on behalf of corporations to simplify investment activity. Dspps offer investors the opportunity to buy shares directly from the corporation, via the transfer agent, often without involving a broker.

Advice and analysis of dominion resources inc (dom) drip dividend reinvestment plan and direct investment plan to determine if its a good investment vehicle. Drip plan highlights enrollment initial purchase 250 purchases minimum purchase 40 maximum purchase 100,000 fees account setup fee 15 automatic.

Dominion resources drip plan summary feesinvestment options consecutive years of higher dividends 11 purchase fees minimal fee - no more than 5 dividend reinvestment fee less than 50 shares none more than 50 shares 1quarter discount on reinvested dividends none direct enrollment(de)? Yes de minimum investment account must hold five shares after one year.

Shares held in the dividend reinvestment plan prior to the exchange were exchanged automatically and reported to you on the quarterly statement at the time of the exchange (june 20, 1983 statement). On january 23, 1992, dominion resources had a 3 for 2 stock split.

Dominion direct a stock purchase and dividend reinvestment plan for dominion common stock. 500,000 shares of common stock (without par value) purchase stock directly through the company. Increase your ownership by reinvesting dividends and making optional monthly investments.

(broadridge) is the transfer agent, registrar and dividend paying agent for dominion energy, inc.

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Dominion resources dividend reinvestment plan

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Dominion resources dividend reinvestment plan

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