Dokkan battle how to get dragon stones fast

Dokkan battle how to get dragon stones fast

  this is my quick little guide on how to get more stones in dokkan battle!new! More update to date guide on getting more stones! Httpsyoutu.

  join my discord server to talk dragonball! Httpsdiscord. Ggkb3pywnb trying to get 1k subs! Here, ill show you some tips and tricks on exactly how to ge.

  glitch dokkan battle 2020 fastest way to get dragon stones go to website in the comments or video.

Another video on how to get free dragon stones is coming up, btw im planning on posting a video every day.

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If you want to summon the best and newest characters in dragon ball z dokkan battle, you have to farm a lot of dragon stones. These valuable clunkers are needed for the so-called summons, with which you steadily strengthen your team. We want to show you all the methods you can use to earn a lot of dragon stones.

You want to pick the best team you have in the game then go to area 21 in the games story mode.

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Dokkan battle how to get dragon stones fast

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