Does triple screen trading work

Does triple screen trading work

  the triple screen trading system requires that the chart for the long-term trend be examined first. This ensures that the trade follows the tide of the long-term trend while allowing for entrance.

  in this video, peter martin explains how the triple screen trading method works and runs through a simple example with charts of silver to show how to apply.

Specifically, triple screen starts by assessing the longer-term chart that is one time period greater than the one a trader plans to trade. Elder believes that starting with a longer term chart will give a trader a great advantage over other traders trading in the same timeframe since using the triple screen will provide a more strategic view of a market or security. As mentioned earlier, the longer timeframe charts will use trend-following indicators.

Example of the application of the technique of the triple screen. In this case we assume that we trade based in 1 day charts so the settings of the three screens are as follows first screen. This is the screen 1 in which we use a weekly chart and a macd histogram which are used to detect the amplitude and direction of the trend.

  pure triple screen methodology does not involve indicators, or any other trading techniques. Elders triple screen methodology is actually pure triple screen with some indicators layered onto it. I have not used triple screen in the form described by elder, because im not fond of his indicators.

  no-one should trade off indicators alone, i think we should all know that. Many newbies may believe that method is the most important part of trading. Van k tharp studied top traders all over world, each trader had a different method. That obviously indicates that method is not the most part important of a strategy.

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Does triple screen trading work

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Does triple screen trading work

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