Culebra bulky waste collection center

Culebra bulky waste collection center

Culebra bulky waste collection center 7030 culebra road, 78238 rigsby road bulky waste collection center 2755 rigsby road, 78222 hours of operation.

The bulky waste collection centers are as follows bitters bulky waste center 1800 wurzbach parkway, san antonio, texas 78216 frio city bulky waste center 1531 frio city rd, san antonio, texas 78226 culebra bulky waste center 7030 culebra rd, san antonio, texas 78238 rigsby bulky waste center 2755 rigsby ave, san antonio texas, 78222 hours of operation tuesday through.

The work will include construction of new 3,400 square-foot office building for the crew, a 3,500 square-foot household hazardous waste building and bulky waste collection area for disposal by the public.

  bitters bulky waste collection center 1800 wurzbach parkway, 78216 frio city road center 1531 frio city road, 78226 culebra bulky waste collection center 7030 culebra road, 78238 rigsby road bulky waste collection center 2755 rigsby road, 78222.

Culebra road bulky waste and household hazardous waste collection center (bulky items and hhw only) 7030 culebra road tds transfer station (bulky items only) 11601 starcrest nelson gardens brush.

To properly dispose of household hazardous materials visit one of the following locations 7030 culebra road, san antonio, texas 78238. T he hours of operation are tuesday through friday, 800am to 500pm and saturday from 800am to 1200pm. 1800 wurzbach parkway, is a seasonal drop off site open only on the first friday and first.

Bitters bulky waste collection center (bulky items only) on 1800 wurzbach parkway culebra rd.

  san antonios newly renovated household waste and bulky waste collection center, located at 7030 culebra road, near loop 410, reopened its doors on tuesday.

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Culebra bulky waste collection center

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