Close all after script mt4 time

Close all after script mt4 time

  the script in the metatrader4 trading terminal is a small program that performs a one-time action and is disabled. At the end of this article you can download the close all script and other scripts for managing multiple positions in the metatrader4 trading terminal. The scripts are very convenient for automating the same type of repetitive.

  close all trades script are simple but yet effective way to trade.

  this script will close all your open positions in your mt4. Сlose positions by result, time passed or at specific time this ea will watch your open positions and close the ones that meet the preset conditions.

Time is something you dont want to waste when prices move in fractions of a second. Mt4 close all button or panic button is the button on mt4 chart based on mql4 script (mt4 script) which can close all positions with the push of a button. In this article, you can see 4 mql4 scripts and a free download.

The timed exit ea is the most simple and easy to use app to close all trades automatically at specific time each day. You simple attach the ea to the chart window, input the time and ea will do the rest when that time comes. The main idea of this ea is to automatically close trades every day at specified time.

  can someone please add in day of week option to this ea. Currently it has a close all position at certain time, but it apply to every day of the week. I want to close all position before weekend starts (close all on friday at 1455 est) for an example.

  5) & 6) if time()orderopentime 15 i mean current time so if (timecurrent() orderopentime 15).

  this is a script to close all market positions andor pending orders. Optionally, you can disable auto-trading button to prevent other running experts from opening further positions and orders.

Scripts are small applications that perform one-time actions. For example, you can delete all objects from a chart or place a set of orders for an open position. Find here hundreds of applications that can automate small analytical or trading functions.

  try to close more then two orders a row and youll see your script is sucks. 20 214609 closeall gbpusd,h7798 sell stop 0.

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Close all after script mt4 time

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