Citizens bank platinum checking

Citizens bank platinum checking

Access to higher rates on checking, savings, money market, and cd accounts. No fee for stop payments, money orders, foreign currency and more. No fee for savings overdraft transfer 5 and no annual fee overdraft line of credit 6.

Enjoy the same benefits and services as platinum checking, but with our higher platinum plus rates.

The 12 transfer fee is waived for platinum checking, platinum plus checking, premier checking with interest, premier plus checking with interest and private checking with interest accounts. 3 30 annual fee waived for platinum checking and platinum plus checking accounts.

As a citizens bank platinum checking accountholder, you get preferred rates on citizens banks checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, and cds. This way, youll be able to earn more money on your balance, while paying no additional monthly maintenance fees on linked platinum checking, platinum savings, and platinum money market accounts.

Citizens bank platinum checking is offered by citizens bank, a bank founded in 1828 and based in providence, ri. Citizens bank platinum checking is available in 11 states across the usa.

No fee for stop payments, money orders, bank checks, and more. Four waived fees per statement period for use of non-citizens atms. Check costs free exclusive design checks various styles and quantities available as low as 9.

The citizens bank platinum plus checking is a premium checking account offering many unique features and services to high-income customers looking for a way to combine their balances, and benefit from whats called relationship banking.

Platinum benefits are available to all customers that maintain the following relationship with citizens bank. Customers must have a citizens personal checking account with balances over 1000. 00 and 1) total person combined deposits of 40,000 or 2) combined person deposits and loans of 75,000 excluding credit cards or 3) 250,000 in combined.

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Citizens bank platinum checking

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Citizens bank platinum checking
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