Cgminer config generator

Cgminer config generator

I can get my cpu to mine with cgminer, but the hash rate is too lower and i only get invalid shares. More cgminer vs bfgminer, cgminer download windows 10, socket was closed remotely (by pool) ethermine.

  if youre a new litecoin miner, you must optimize your cgminer. Bat files to generate the best combination of throughput and hashing that your specific hardware rig supports. Bat files we print below, substitute the characters xxxxx with the specific url and port of the relevant server.

  create a config file for cgminer (skip this if you already have a cgminer config file) after cgminer begins mining press s for settings you will have a list of options show up, next press w for write config file it will ask about naming the config, just press enter for the default name (cgminer.).

Conf file, input the details of the coins and algorithm, set time limit and start the miner. Check this guide where weve explained about adding multiple pools, coins and algorithms to a single config file in ccminer.

  cgminer is a gpufpga bitcoin mining program written in c. It is compatible with both windows and linux operating systems. Among the great features of cgminer are support for overclocking, hardware monitoring, fan speed control and also remote interface capabilities.

Cc (use the 32 bit one!) once you have followed the instructions for building mxe are now hopelessly out of date.

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Cgminer config generator

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