Bulletin board pink sheet stocks

Bulletin board pink sheet stocks

  stocks of well-known companies trade on major exchanges but must be listed first. Unlisted companies trade on pink sheets or the over-the-counter bulletin board.

  you may have seen the term otcbb on a stock quote, which stands for over-the-counter bulletin board. The otcbb is a quotation service that also lists over-the-counter securities.

  pink sheets are listings for stocks that trade over-the-counter (otc).

Get stock & bond quotes, trade prices, charts, financials and company news & information for otcqx, otcqb and pink securities.

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Although both the pink sheets and the otcbb allow investors to purchase stocks that arent listed on major indexes, the pink sheets are significantly less regulated than the otc bulletin board.

  the pink sheets is a listing service with loose listing requirements for over-the-counter (otc) stocks that feature highly speculative penny stocks.

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  non-equity, bulletin board, otc, pink sheet and other specific securities are not eligible for the price type you have specified. What does this mean? I cannot buy shares of this stock? Answer save. Yeah its prohibiting you from executing an order for a stock not listed on the exchange.

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Bulletin board pink sheet stocks

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