Brighthouse shield level selector 6 year

Brighthouse shield level selector 6 year

Brighthouse shield level select 6-year annuity is a long-term investment designed for retirement purposes.

This material must be preceded or accompanied by prospectuses for the brighthouse shield level select 6-year annuity, brighthouse shield level select 6-year annuity v.

Brighthouse shield level select 6-year annuity is an index-linked annuity issued by, with product guarantees solely the responsibility of, brighthouse life insurance company on policy form l-22494 (0912)-av and, in new york only, by brighthouse life insurance company of ny on policy form ml-22494 (0912) (brighthouse financial).

Brighthouse shield level select 6-year annuity, brighthouse shield level select 6-year annuity v.

  the brighthouse shield level select 6-year annuity is an index-linked annuity that features income tax deferral until you begin making withdrawals, meaning your money can grow without interference from the irs. The s&p 500 index, russell 2000 index and msci eafe index are all available, although your money will only follow the index rather than be invested in it.

The brighthouse shield level select 6-year annuity is not a variable annuity where your account value varies based on the investment performance of the underlying portfolios you choose, rather the shield options offer potential interest based upon index performance. This potential interestthe performance rate adjustmentmay be a positive or negative percentage or zero.

Rates (6-year) effective 07012019 for more information about brighthouse shield level select 6-year annuity, contact your financial professional or visit brighthousefinancial. The minimum guaranteed cap rate and step rates reflect the minimum a rate can be set to for current purchasers of a brighthouse shield level select 6-year annuity contract.

Brighthouse shield level selectsm 6-year annuity is a long-term investment designed for retirement purposes. It has limitations, exclusions, charges, termination provisions, and terms for keeping it in force.

The brighthouse secureadvantage annuity is described as a single premium 6-year deferred fixed indexed product that will be marketed by the imo (independent.).

  in case there are still questions about the pricing comparison of the annuities, brighthouse initially offered a shield annuity with 100 downside protection. Fias structured with a cap rate (as opposed to participation rate) have been in the range of 4-6 over the last year.

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Brighthouse shield level selector 6 year

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