Bleach brave souls soul tree

Bleach brave souls soul tree

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On the soul tree, you can choose which things you want to improve and strengthen the character by using coins and power-up materials. Each soul improves a certain aspect of the character and requires a set amount of specific power-up materials to strengthen. Tap and hold a soul to check the amount and kind of power-up materials necessary to.

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  brave souls features a highly flexible character improvement system that allows you to create exactly the warriors and the team you want.

Character builds are an important thing in bleach brave souls as each character is built a specific way due to how their base stat layout is set up. If a character has a high base attack rate then you want to focus on builds that raise that attack even more. Every character has a soul link that gives a special ability when linked to another character.

  their soul tree menu will be inaccessible until resurrected. The character now must enter a 1-on-1 match against themselves. The battle will be based on the character alone and will not have any accessories, soul bombs, or links. Once youve cleared this, the character will be converted to a 6 resurrected unit, shown with the pink 6 stars.

Soul reapercaptain soul trait strong attack recharge time -10 soul trait freeze duration -55 soul trait normal attack damage 16 status ailment freeze bankai. 56 toshiro hitsugaya (frenzy reward) soul reapercaptain hollow soul trait freeze duration -55 strong attack damage 18 soul trait freeze duration -35 strong attack damage 16 5.

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Bleach brave souls soul tree

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