Bitmex funding rate bot

Bitmex funding rate bot

Btcusd-perpetual bitmex (xbtusd) funding rate chart you can find bitcoin (btc) aggregated funding rate also, see the chart indicators other charts trade on ftx.

  funding rate on bitmex applies only to the bitcoin and eth perpetual contracts, all other futures contracts for both bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are free of funding rate. It is worth to notice that usually a higher percentage funding rate (0. 45) is during greater market volatility when we have 5 to 10 price change during a day.

For margin trading, depending on the market bitmex offers flexible leverage for up to 100x for bitcoin markets and up to 33x for altcoin markets. Bitmex offers a complete rest api and a powerful streaming websocket api. All market and user data is available and updated in real-time. Every function used by the bitmex website is exposed via the api, allowing developers full control to build any kind of application on top of bitmex.

Bitmex funding rate applies only to the bitcoin and ethereum perpetual contracts when the funding rate is positive () longs pay shorts, and when it is negative (-) shorts pay longs the higher the premium, the more longs will have to pay shorts, and the higher the discount the more shorts will have to pay longs.

The average funding rate paid by long eth swap holders has been 50 annualized since it started trading in august 2018, considerably higher than the btc swap rate of 2. Bitmex makes enough money off their day trading users via their latency edge to insiders, so they let their rube traders fight over the basis the shorts get what the longs pay.

This script implements the full funding rate formulas found on the bitmex site for xbtusd, ethusd, and xrpusd. It uses the 1-min premium and interest tickers found here on tradingview to calculate an 8-hour twap, then uses base initial and maintenance margins to apply caps on absolute rate and delta from prior value.

Thus, if the spot rate is 100 and the futures price in 1 month is 110, in a swap this would show up as a 10 monthly funding rate paid by the long to the short, which is implicitly what occurs in the futures market as a contract rolls towards expiration. At bitmex they call the basis the funding rate, and it is applied every 8 hours. Below are the annualized funding rates, by month, for the btc and eth swaps.

On bitmex, the funding rate on ethereum and xrp is comparitively higher than bitcoin btc. This might be due to the fact that in a crypto bull market, the altcoins usually gain above bitcoin as well. The systematic risk of altcoins over bitcoins is considerably higher, so is the risk-reward ratio. Hence, traders might be inclined towards trading altcoins, instead of bitcoin.

Bitmex imposes caps on the funding rate to ensure the maximum leverage can still be utilized. To do this, two caps are imposed the absolute funding rate is capped at 75 of the initial margin - maintenance margin.

  if the bitfinex lending rates are lower than the premium the swap traded at over the past 8 hours, the funding rate will be increased to the level of the premium. The funding rate published at 1200 utc is the first to incorporate the new changes.

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Bitmex funding rate bot

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