Bitconnect market cap drop

Bitconnect market cap drop

  bitconnect have said that coinmarketcap have decided only to base their market supply on coins actually in circulation which has dropped their market cap over 1. 4bn from 2bn at the start of the thread link above to currently 588,375,123.

Identifying malicious intent due to the announcement, the bitconnect (bcc) price in usd plunged over 90 percent according to coin market cap data.

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Due to a technical recalculation of tokens in circulation, bitconnect recently dropped from 8th position to 15th on coinmarketcap. The update certainly no longer considers the current tokens under loan as a part of its market valuation.

Live bitconnect coin prices from all markets and bccoin coin market capitalization. Stay up to date with the latest bitconnect coin price movements and forum discussion. Check out our snapshot charts and see when there is an opportunity to buy or sell.

Launched in february 2016, bcc hit an all-time high of 463 in december 2017 and a market cap of about 2.

Bitconnect is currently sitting as the 7th highest crypto by market cap on their site approaching a market cap of almost 2b and hot on the heels of dash. Unlike almost any other crypto in the top 10, currently 95 of bitconnects daily trading volume is derived from their own largely unverifiable exchange.

Investors saw the value of their bitconnect tokens drop to virtually nothing in minutes, with cryptocurrency industry figures lamenting that those without experience were still easy targets for scammers. Criminal proceedings followed, yet it remains unclear whether bitconnect 2.

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Bitconnect market cap drop

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